Amazing Radio Celebrates 5 Years of Broadcast

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Although it seems like the day before yesterday, it all began five years ago…  Amazing Radio started life with a short playlist of tracks pulled at random from interspersed with station imaging.  Within hours of launching Amazing Radio received waves of emails from new listeners saying “I love it”.  This was matched by a massive increase in the number of uploads to

Within weeks the national newspapers were saying things like “A revolution, the end of the closed shop” The Sunday times; “Laudably forward-thinking” The Daily Telegraph; and “An idea so simple you can’t believe it hasn’t been done already… a lovely parallel universe” The Observer.

Since that day, Amazing Radio has been growing and growing, and created by a team who are passionate and dedicated to new and emerging music.  Now broadcast across the globe on the web, and on DAB, Amazing Radio is celebrating five years of success, with many more to come.

As a celebration Amazing Radio has published a ‘Five Year Anniversary Chart’, showing the top
40 most successful tracks, as decided by the fans’ interaction with since Amazing Radio’s arrival.