Amazing Media: Poised To Lead The Next British Music Invasion

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If you’re a music lover who hasn’t heard of Paul Campbell’s music service quite yet, don’t worry. You’ll soon be using it.

CEOs of digital music startups often strive for diplomacy when it comes to talking about the major powers that control most of the world’s music. Not Paul Campbell.

“Simon Cowell is Satan, and the major labels have become antique dealers,” says Campbell, a 53-year-old former BBC TV and radio producer turned entrepreneur. “We don’t touch the labels and never shall. The key is to cut yourself free from the labels.”

Which is exactly what Campbell has done with his company, Amazing Media, and it’s why he’s having such success.

Unless you’re really into new music, or live in the U.K., where Amazing Media has created quite a stir for reasons I’ll get into in a moment, you’ve probably never heard of Amazing Media. But the way Campbell is going, that’s soon likely to change. His business has piqued the interest of big Silicon Valley venture capitalists; he’s in talks with major consumer Web businesses to distribute Amazing music; and he’s on track to launch a radio station in the U.S. in the coming months.

[by Paul Sloan - 2 June 2012 1:29 PM BST]

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